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Grand Unveiling and Upcoming Events

Hello all and welcome to the newly minted RositasFarm.com!

We hope to provide you all with some great information about our farm and the great food we are growing as well as introducing you to the community of local and sustainable food organizations and events that are here for your enjoyment and education. And what better way to kick off this site than with some of the fabulous opportunities to gather and learn coming up throughout the rest of this year. This is a general list; more information about each event will be posted as they get closer, so keep your eyes here!

Logo for Second Sundays

Second Sunday Potlucks – Free and open to the public.
4-7 pm, the second Sunday of each month from April to November
We invite farmers, gardeners, and good food lovers to join us each month to learn about small-scale farming and share a dinner with old and new friends. Come at 4 pm for the learning session or 5 pm for the potluck.
Save the dates!

    August 11– This week includes a showing of The Greenhorns
    September 8
    October 13
    November 10

August 11. Huntsville. Local Foods Dinner at Nativity. 5-7 pm.

August 17. Meridianville. Ethnic Vegetable Production Workshop at the North Alabama Research Station.

August 22. Organic Consumer Outreach meeting. Birmingham.

August 24. Cullman Farm Festival. Farm Y’all

September 24. Annie’s Project training. Blount County.

October 9 (tentative). ASAN Regional Forum.

January 15-18. 2014. Mobile, AL. Southern SAWG Annual Conference.