Start filling up your new calendar with classes, workshops, and fun events

Hey all – this is what Rosita’s and friends have in the works for this year – links and other details to be added as we know them!

Jan         15           Garden planning and cost effective gardening, Madison County Preppers’ monthly meeting, Huntsville.  6:30pm at the Madison County Library.  Oriented toward backyard culture for novices.

Jan         15-18     SSAWG conference, Mobile             

Jan         23           On Farm Training: Meeting GAP Standards, Rosita’s Farm, Hartselle

Jan         31           Tennessee Valley Community Gardening Association’s 2nd Annual Seed Celebration, Huntsville

Feb       1               19th Annual ACES Beekeeping Symposium, Auburn   334-844-4450

Feb        7-8          Al Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Conference, Auburn

Feb       21-22     Tennessee Organic Growers Association Conference, usually around Nashville

Feb        21-22     Georgia Organics Annual Conference, Jekyll Island

Mar       1            Streaming of TEDx Manhattan: Changing the Way We Eat, multiple locations

Mar        4              Starting a Food Processing Enterprise with the Shoals Culinary Center, Huntsville

Mar        15          On-Farm Training: Tractor and Small Engine Maintenance at Rosita’s, Hartselle

Mar        29            Tennessee Valley Women in Agriculture’s Farm and Fleece Day, Huntsville

Apr         5-6          North Alabama Farm Tour

May       10           Celebrate Growing HSV 5k and Healthy Huntsville Event, Huntsville

May      11           2nd Sunday Potluck – rotating locations

May       TBD        CASA Community Garden Dinner, Huntsville

Jun         8              2nd Sunday Potluck – rotating locations

Jun         TBD        Tennessee Valley Community Garden Association Open House, multiple locations

Jul           13           2nd Sunday Potluck – rotating locations

Aug        10           2nd Sunday Potluck – hosted by Tennessee Valley Women in Agriculture

Aug        TBD        Farm to Table Dinner at Nativity

Sept       14           2nd Sunday Potluck – rotating locations

Oct         12           2nd Sunday Potluck – rotating locations

Nov        TBD         ASAN Annual Forum

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