Incubating New Farmers

We are committed to supporting programs to help create a new generation of farmers in Alabama. Many places offer farm incubator programs. Like a business incubator that provides office space and basic equipment, a farm incubator does something similar with land and basic infrastructure. What we’ve found, or known all along, is that land is not in short supply, and many of our new farmers need help with the land they already have.

So moving forward, we are working with Auburn University and Karen’s consulting company, Crotovina, to offer free technical assistance to a targeted group of beginning farmers in North Alabama on their farms. Some need help navigating regulations, some need help with marketing, some need help with accounting, and some need help with everything! This way we can help fill in the gaps. Questions? Please get in touch with Karen.

Other ways to learn about farming:

On-Farm Mentoring: One of the best ways to learn about farming is to do it. Not only do you learn about day-to-day operations but you can evaluate your tolerance for heat, sore back muscles, insects, and weeding. We can help connect you with an internship opportunity on our place or one of our friends’ farms.

Learning opportunities:
Rosita’s and its partners offer other educational opportunities:

  • Farmer Potlucks and Networking– Rotating farms host the monthly Central Alabama Sustainable Farmer Social throughout the season, and we have our own parties at the farm regularly.
  • Crop mobs – The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network organizes regular crop mobs, and we encourage you to participate. We can arrange for informal farm visits as well; each farm does things differently and we want you to see how different farming systems work. There are also opportunities to get together with other interns on farms nearby.
  • Classes and workshops – ASAN maintains a full calendar of workshops in the region that we encourage you to attend. We’ll highlight our favorites here. And we’ll have get-togethers on the farm on a regular basis, but nothing too fancy!
  • Business planning – If you are planning to start your own farm, we can help you put together a basic business plan and find land if necessary. We recommend CO.STARTERS, a business modeling program that helps you target your customer base, start small, and make great connections. Ask us about scholarships!

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